Texas Revolution / Republic of Texas

James Bowie - Hero of the Alamo

Jesse Chisholm - Indian Trader

Suzanna Dickinson - Survivor of the Alamo

Sam Houston - Hero of San Jacinto and first President of the Republic of Texas

Margaret Lee Houston - Sam Houston's wife

Jane Long - The mother of Texas

Sarah McClure - Woman of the Texas Revolution

Deliens Rose (Margaret Deliens Wells Rose) - Woman of the Texas Revolution

Western Frontier

Aunt Sukey Boyd - Woman of the Texas frontier
Margaret Beeman Bryan - John Neely Bryan’s wife
Sarah Cockrell - Early Dallas business woman
Molly Goodnight - Famous Texas cattle rancher
John B. Jones - Texas Ranger
Leander McNelly - Famous Texas Ranger
Lizzie Johnson - 1870's Cattle Woman
Eugenie Lavender - Pioneer Artist
Colonel Ranald Mackenzie - Calvary officer in the Indian wars

Uniquely Texas

Mrs. Charles Frederick Von Ende - German immigrant and prominent  citizen