General Membership Information

For further information please contact:
Program Coordinator: Kathy Ogle 214-906-5792


Benefits include: All Texana members receive Volunteer Updates via email to keep you up to date on our calendar and other news. Members also receive invitations to “members only” Texana workshops, training events and just-for-fun activities and parties as well as meeting notices.

There are various levels of memberships.

Individual = $15 – One person only
Family = $25 – Immediate family members living at home (all members over age 16 may vote)
Supporting = $50 Sustaining = $100 Friends = $500 Patron = $1,000
These special memberships function as family memberships, but recognition for support is given in newsletters and other materials.

Junior Membership

Children, Grandchildren, Nieces, Nephews, etc. of adult members are encouraged to become Junior Members of Texana. This is a wonderful learning experience for them. Some of the information below pertains to the Junior Members. Juniors should pay individual membership dues if parents are not members, however, those under the age of 16 may not vote.

Girl Scout Troup Membership

Girl Scout Troops may join Texana as a “Family.” Specific details of this membership are explained in a different document. For information on GS Troop Membership CLICK HERE.

CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK = All adults who volunteer with the schools, must complete a criminal background check. GS leaders who have completed a check thru GS within the last two years do not have to complete a new one in order to volunteer for Girl Scout events.

DISCOUNT CARD TO JO-ANN’S FABRICS = All Texana Living History Members receive a special discount card to Joann’s Fabrics which gives you a 10% discount on your entire purchase (regular priced and sale priced items).

COSTUME/UNIFORM = Many of our volunteer positions require period costumes. Each member is responsible for furnishing his or her own costume. However, some of us have a few “spare” costumes that we have outgrown or may not need on a specific occasion. Please do not hesitate to ask to borrow a costume if you want to volunteer and do not have access to your own. Also, we have some extremely knowledgeable costume folks in our group who are happy to advise you about making your own costume. There are also MANY volunteer opportunities that do NOT require period costumes. However, we request that at events, volunteers should wear a Texana patch or a nametag that distinguishes you as a volunteer. There are also occasions when a Troop may wish to wear their GS Uniforms.

BEHIND THE SCENES VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES = There are MANY of these, some that we have thought of already and some that haven’t yet come to mind. We can use all ages, genders, and physical capabilities. We have jobs that require sitting, standing, walking, driving, filing, typing, shopping, sewing, etc. If you have a skill, we can find a way to utilize it.

SEAMSTRESS NEEDED = One great need for a volunteer is that of seamstress. Because our costumes must be hand made, we are always in need of the services of a seamstress. Let us know if you are willing to help in this area.

FREE ENTRANCE TO EVENTS = There are several events each year that Texana is asked to participate in as “Walk-Abouts”. This means that we dress in costume and literally stroll around. Our main purpose is to add “color” to the event and to visit with attendees. In return we receive free entrance to the events and get to participate in the event activities ourselves. NOTE: you must be a member of Texana to participate in these activities.

TRAINING = Texana is made up of a wonderful group of experts in many fields. We will make every effort to train you in any or all of these areas. We will schedule training sessions on an as-needed basis for upcoming events. Many of the members are very glad to have one-on-one training in many of the pioneer life-skills such as quilting, lace making, spinning, etc. However, one of the best ways to learn is by serving as an apprentice during events with an experience volunteer. For instance, if you are interested in pioneer cooking, you might spend the day assisting LaJuanna (our prize-winning cook) in the kitchen area or help Smokey G., one of the chuck wagon cooks.

EVENT NOTIFICATION = Because Texana is “in the loop”. We receive notification of many events/festivals that happen each year, which “outsiders” may or may not know about.

QUILT RAFFLE = Texana members have made several quilts to raffle as fundraisers. We hope to continue this legacy. We are happy to present training for any member (including GS Troops) who is interested in participating in the next quilt.

DISCIPLINE = All event volunteers will be expected to adhere to discipline customs common to the 1800’s. These include many customs which are different from today. Some examples include the use of, “yes mam” and “no mam” when addressing adults. Today’s “slang” words (such as awesome, neat, etc.) should not be used. Sarcasm and backtalk is NOT permitted from young folks. Young ladies are expected to act and speak as just that, young ladies. No need to worry, etiquette classes will be given prior to events and we realize that it takes practice to learn these things.

SUPERVISION = While Junior Members may participate in Texana Events without the presence of parents - Parents (or responsible adult member) are expected to secure & maintain adequate supervision for their children at all times. Remember that if a Junior Member is assigned to work as an apprentice to another adult, the adult in charge of that station will supervise them for the day. This allows the Junior Members to sometimes participate even if the parent is not available. We just ask that the parent make sure that arrangements have been made in advance to insure all “juniors” have adequate adult supervision. NOTE: for participation in Texana Events to be considered as a sanctioned GS activity, All Safety-Wise procedures MUST be followed.

FREE PERFORMANCE = Each Junior Member who becomes an active volunteer will receive a free stage performance by a Texana character. The Junior Member may decide to have this presentation at school, church or other venue. This should be scheduled through the Program



 Contact our office at 214-906-5792 for membership information!