Deliens Rose
Woman of the Texas Revolution

LaJuanna Faught as Deliens Rose

A few people may remember seeing the name Dilue Rose Harris in history books, but no one ever heard of her mother, Margaret Deliens Wells Rose. She came to Texas with her husband, Dr. Pleasant Rose, who was searching for yet another golden opportunity. The settled part of Texas was vast, but the population small.

Mrs. Rose met many of the people whose names are readily recognized. She will share her experiences of the early days of Texas and offer her opinions of people and events - opinions that sometimes differ from textbook versions. Her sense of humor and earthy common sense flavor her descriptions of "Deaf" Smith, David Burnett, Robert Williamson (Three-Legged Willie), William Barret Travis, and perhaps General Sam Houston.

LaJuanna Faught shares Deliens’ stories about the Texas Revolution from a … woman's … friend's … mother's point of view.