School Campsite

We have 2 basic campsites designed for schools that are very similar to the Event Campsite. However, at the school campsites, we use a more formal schedule. Either of these camps can be brought to your school.

The Pioneer Campsite usually consists of various period canvas tents and has 4-5 teaching stations. We focus on issues of daily life in Texas during the 1800s. We usually include a combination of some of the following: laundry, games/toys, kitchen, fibers and/or spinning, family life, cowboys, cavalry, Texas Rangers, misc. We try to make the experience as interactive as possible. The children get to try their hand at churning butter, grinding corn, hand-washing laundry with lye soap, etc.

The chuckwagon Camp is similar to the Pioneer Campsite but uses the Texana chuckwagon as a backdrop. This camp focuses a little more on the Texas Cattle era of the 1870’s .We usually have 4 teaching stations at this camp also. The kids will have many of the same hands-on activities as well. The camp cook will discuss open fire cooking and the duties of the chuckwagon cook. The Trail Boss will discuss the dangers of herding cattle 1500 miles in 4-5 months across rivers and such.

For either of the campsites, we suggest having about 60 students broken into 4 small groups of about 15. Each group will rotate thru the camp in about an hour. We are usually limited to 3 rotations in a day. This allows for a maximum of 300 students in a day. However, we can manage additional rotations if the school can provide volunteers to help set up and break down the camp and assist at a station. Sometimes, it may be necessary to shorten the time at each station in order to include more students. We work with all ages and can tailor the program to fit the age of the students.

Both of our camps are designed to give students a comprehensive and interactive experience in Texas history and meet several of the TEKS and TAKS objectives.

You might also consider adding a Texana Stage Performance to enhance the camp experience. For a more “hands-on” and in depth experience you might want to plan a Pioneer Life-Skills and Craft Demonstration or Workshop.

All of our volunteers love to teach history. We have lots of variations and can tailor something to suit your budget and needs. Since all of our characters are volunteers, scheduling of specific stations and/or characters depends on availability. This allows us to keep our cost at a minimum. The fees are used to pay administrative costs and repairs to equipment, etc.

Please contact our office at 214-906-5792 or email for more detailed information.